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Introducing Roodie’s Shack Signature Dish

¡Ay Dios Mio! Tacos

I grew up on tacos, and before college that’s all I ever knew. Tacos are what put us on the Dallas map, especially the Dallas tacos map. These beloved and exquisite eats are what people came back for, and because of that it’s one of the items we highly recommend to our first timers (especially the brisket tacos).


Roodie’s Shack is a foodie shack. As a restaurant that I consider a first of its kind, we offer a new experience on American dining. The dishes on our menu are food that I’ve experienced throughout memorable years of my life. I bring you staple dishes from cities across the U.S. that will change the way you experience food. My goal with Roodie’s Shack is to bridge the amazing cuisines that exist in many regions of the country by bringing America’s staple dishes to one spot. I’ve been blessed to experience delectable food across the U.S. and I want to share that experience with each and every one of you.



Throwing a Latino twist to it, instead of saying, “Oh My God”, when you taste our tacos, we just say, “Ay Dios Mio!


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Roodie’s Offerings

The Hellcat


Cuban Sandwich

Pulled Pork Cheese Fries


Juicy Lucy

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Popping Up at your DFW Brewery

What goes well with any foodie dish: awesome craft beer! That’s right, one of our favorite places to do pop-ups is at your local DFW brewery tap room. We’ve built amazing relationships with local breweries that their beer and our food has become the perfect meal. Check out if your favorite DFW brewery is on our list of pop-ups spots! If it’s not, then let’s figure out how to make it happen!


Roodie’s Catering

We aim to make your catering ask special.


We have two types of packages for our catering orders. Send us a message and we’ll help craft the perfect catering menu for your event.


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