Roodie’s Shack is a foodie shack. As a restaurant that I consider a first of its kind, we offer a new experience on American dining. The dishes on our menu are food that I’ve experienced throughout memorable years of my life. I bring you staple dishes from cities across the U.S. that will change the way you experience food. My goal with Roodie’s Shack is to bridge the amazing cuisines that exist in many regions of the country by bringing America’s staple dishes to one spot. I’ve been blessed to experience delectable food across the U.S. and I want to share that experience with each and every one of you.


The mission of Roodie’s Shack is to nourish, inspire, and share today’s American story through the adventures of eating newly discovered American food staples, showcasing the different and innovative cooking traditions from across the country that make our dining experience the ultimate all-in-one foodie destination in Dallas  for premium tacos and modern American cuisine.

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