About Roodie’s Shack

I could tell you that all of this was an accident, but there are no such things as accidents in this world. Everything happens for a reason and I couldn’t be happier about what Roodie’s Shack has become and about what’s to come in the future.

– Rudy, owner of Roodie’s Shack


All of this began when I read an article after graduating from SMU in 2014. “Can Money Buy You Happiness?” changed how I would live my life. The article analyzed the benefits of money being spent on “experiences” as opposed to materialistic things. One of the experiences mentioned that caught my attention, and that would produce not only higher levels of happiness but prolonged happiness, was that of a travel experience.

For example, try to recall a moment when you traveled to a particular city or country. Months, years and even decades can pass and you relive that joy you once experienced. Looking back on the trips I experienced, the memories attached definitely elicited joy and happiness all over. Shortly after reading the article an opportunity to visit Miami presented itself.

After graduating from high school I became an EDM fanatic and listened to artists like Deadmau5, David Guetta, Skrillex and other DJs.. I learned about the music festivals these artists performed in and fell in love with the way crowds experienced them (thank God for YouTube). Attending one of these music festivals was something I looked forward to throughout college, so when a colleague asked if I’d be down to attend Ultra in Miami at the beginning of 2015 I said yes. Without knowing it, that yes got Roodie’s Shack started.

That Miami trip ignited my journey as a foodie. Growing up I ate the food I knew and didn’t venture much outside of the Mexican cuisine (or the typical neighborly fast food joints). Food in Miami was a different experience all in its own. Cuban cuisine was everywhere. In an attempt to live by the philosophy of “experience,” I decided to apply it to the food I ate here on out. To genuinely experience Miami I sought out food I couldn’t find back home. Surrounded by Cuban cuisine, I gave the famous Cuban Sandwich a try.

Although I enjoyed the music festival immensely, experiencing new food was the best part. As a result, I planned out more trips to cities hosting EDM festivals. I knew that by traveling to festivals I would encounter even more amazing food. City after city I indulged in many dishes. Slowly, my travels evolved from following my favorite DJs to chasing iconic staple dishes from city to city.

In 2017, while attending my third Ultra Music Festival, and once again enjoying the mouth-watering Cuban Sandwich that I looked forward to every year, a thought came to me, “instead of waiting every year to have this authentic Cuban Sandwich only in Miami (and Tampa), what if I learn to make the Cuban and have it as much as I’d like?”

Then I followed up with the question that would put me on the path to starting a business, “what if I learn to not only make the Cuban, but all of the other staple dishes from all of the cities I’ve visited and offer these experiences to other people back home?” This is the story of how Roodie’s Shack got started.

Roodie's Shack

Roodie’s Shack is a foodie shack. As a restaurant that I consider a first of its kind, we offer a new experience on American dining. The dishes on our menu are food that I’ve experienced throughout memorable years of my life. I bring you staple dishes from cities across the U.S. that will change the way you experience food. My goal with Roodie’s Shack is to bridge the amazing cuisines that exist in many regions of the country by bringing America’s staple dishes to one spot. I’ve been blessed to experience delectable food across the U.S. and I want to share that experience with each and every one of you.


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