Now I can’t talk for any Philly folks but I know they hate their cheesesteaks to be called a Philli Cheesesteaks, so we’ll refrain from calling it that and just stick to cheesesteak! Philly is in my opinion a small version of NYC (but probably better than NYC) as you get loads of the awesome scenery and food that the Big Apple has to offer. The cheesesteak, or “steak” (an authentic cheesesteak is all thinly sliced ribeye steak with cheese on a hoagie roll) as some Philly folks like to refer them as, is a big time staple from a city whose football team…is…not…that…Oh sorry, Cowboys Nation here. Anyways, cheesesteaks are everywhere—you can even be witness of some intense competition between two of the top cheesesteak spots in Philly cause they are RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER, crazy! Rumor has it that Thomas Jefferson signed the Declaration of Independence while eating a cheesesteak and that’s why there’s a big grease stain near his signature (they actually hold the Declaration of Independence in a vacuum sealed container to conserve the smell the stain left). If you don’t believe me don’t, cause I just made it up—or so I think.

Enough about some history you were supposed to learn in 8th grade, let’s get to the sandwich. Wit and wiz (not that kind of wiz, but the other kind) is how you order a cheesesteak in Philly. Wit meaning ‘WIT’H onions and wiz meaning wiz (with) cheese—I know I’m a good translator. All cheesesteaks come on a hoagie roll and you can add more items to it. At Roodie’s Shack we offer it wit and wiz (provolone cheese) on a hoagie roll. So, if you want to experience the only good thing to come out of Philly, order a “steak” and we’ve got you!

The only Lucy that will not let you down! In fact she comes Juicy and is a bit messy—I promise this is the only time you’ll be okay with this! Now just to be clear, we’re talking about a burger here, okay? In fact this is the simplest yet most tastiest burger you’ll ever have. Minneapolis, although freezing COLD in the winter, knows how to make a BOMB *** BURGER!

The Juicy Lucy is a cheeseburger with the cheese, inside the patty—YES, INSIDE THE PATTY! So when you get your first bite into a Juicy Lucy, you’ll see why its called juicy, and why I said messy. Cheese literally drools out of the burger (two patties hold the cheese on the inside). Only comes with pickles and sautéed onions but you will see why this is all this burger needs. Bring a napkin or two, unless you like messy too, then just lick your fingers up—I wont think bad of you (hehe).

Juicy Lucy

¡Ay Dios Mio! Tacos

This one goes out to all the drunkies out there — because we all know these make bomb *** late night munchies! From coast to coast, Mexican culture has influenced the fine selection of dishes ‘Mericuh has to offer, especially tacos! Go on and give our tacos a try. We’ll have you saying, “Ay Dios Mio!”

*Roodie’s Favorite!

The Hellcat – BBQ Meal

Welcome to Texas, where BBQ is life. I think we can all agree everything is bigger in Texas — that’s what she said — and tastes a lot better too! That’s how we Texans feel about our barbecue. And since size matters, how about a monstrous BBQ sandwich to help satisfy the needs. Trust me, you’ll need two hands to handle the Hellcat. Welcome to Texas, y’all!

California Burrito

AKA “CaliBurrito,” is San Diego’s famous burrito loaded with FRENCH FRIES! Originally founded in San Diego back in 19something-something, the burrito spread across California like a wildfire — too far? But seriously, this burrito is everywhere in California. L.A. will eat it one way, and San Diego likes to stick to the original way. Either way we like getting this big burrito “wet” — which is an L.A. term for sauce to be poured on top of your burrito (I don’t know where your mind is).

Cuban Sandwich

The best thing to happen to you in Miami is to experience the Cuban cuisine, especially the famous “Cuban.” Whether you’re walking on the sands of South Beach Miami or strolling down Ocean Drive, Florida’s best sandwich is lifechanging. Made in America — that’s right, the Cuban originates from Tampa Bay, FL — this toasted piece of heaven will have you searching for upcoming Miami flights!

Pulled-Pork Cheese Fries

After a long and successful previous night on Beale St — I know you enjoyed those amazing daiquiris, including the sugar-free ones — you’ll only top your Memphis experience by having some cheese fries… with pulled-pork! Talk about feeling jazzy…

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